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6God Duping Fans For 50?

Drake may be in trouble with fans after footage spread recently of him and 50 cent clubbing before the former's Lollapalooza performance, which was cancelled

Drake's cancelled Lollapalooza Brazil performance on the third and final night of the festival (Mar. 26th) left fans rather disappointed, but recent footage of the 6God with 50 Cent appears to have shifted that sentiment to bewilderment and anger.

The viral footage, which spread the same day as Drake's cancellation and the final day of Lollapalooza Brazil (Sunday, Mar. 26th.), depicts the rapper seemingly having a good time with 50 Cent as the latter's song "I Get Money" plays in the background of the club.

Of course, those who were eager to see Drizzy take the stage did not react well on social media to what appeared to have been the reason for the Canadian rapper's absence.

Some Twitter reactions include:

One can't be too sure as to whether or not Drake will be performing in Brazil or any other Latin American country in the future, but after him appearing to have ditched his scheduled performance for Lollapalooza, Latine concert-goers may not be unreasonable to be a bit wary of the 6God going forward.


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