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Flo Rida's Big Plans

After winning a massive settlement against the energy drink company Celsius, Flo Rida has a thoughtful use of his newly-acquired money

Flo Rida recently came out on top in his legal battle against the energy drink company, walking away with a $82 million settlement. The rapper had sued the business based on feeling inadequately compensated for being an ambassador to the Celsius for a number of years; he also filed a suit based on a claim of being promised company stock but not receiving any despite his promotions. Having now won-out a massive settlement, Flo now appears to be shifting some of his focus to helping out children, according to a TMZ interview (

On his way out of LAX, Flo stopped and revealed his plans to TMZ of investing in his Big Dreams For Kids charity, as well as his youth football league. "I'll go and do shows, but I’ll stay there and enjoy myself. So now, it’s just like, think about generational wealth and how I can just continue to open doors for other people," Flo Rida stated. "Just investing in the kids. That’s to infinity! When you invest in the future, you can’t even imagine what the future will be like because some of these kids that we’re working with...different professionals came to my projects fortunately and they just gave a word. Those words helped changed my life and gave me hope, so that’s my investment: the kids."

Flo Rida also revealed that he is still an owner of Celsius and continues to use their products, affirming that he has no hard feelings towards the company. "I’m a forgiving person and I just look forward to them getting the business right and understanding that I played a major part," he declared.


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