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Oh, Meek

Meek Mill is not too happy with how people responded to the Instagram posts he made while drunk on the Fourth of July

Folks were both entertained and a bit confused when they caught Meek Mill's Instagram stories this past July 4th, but Mill overall did not seem to appreciate the general response to his posting.

The social media roasting of the Philly rapper began after Mill posted a photo to his IG Story depicting him seemingly on the ground with a hand outstretched towards a toilet, with a caption reading "Too much liquor smh..."

Fans/critics of Mill then took to social media to poke fun at the "Dreams and Nightmares" rapper.

Mill would eventually respond to the teasing towards him with a tweet that is now longer available to view in the app due to him deactivating his account, likely as a response to all of the trolling he's recieved.

"We have so much influence they trying to use Small internet campaigns to sway the peoples perception of artist...We are basically our own media bases now and we can say what we want at will in front of millions and they don’t feel that!" Mill wrote.

Continued: "Anything I post they try to amplify it and me me look stupid … I wasn’t created on the internet and I know they got some of y’all in a trans threw social perception… that’s why content creators win because lead the narrative."

Mill has yet to offer another response regarding people's reactions to his drunk-posting, and it is not clear as to whether or not he will return to Twitter.


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